Pugwash Library Thanks

The Common Thread

Through years of fund raising efforts by the Friends of the Pugwash Library, generous bequests from the Leahey family, the Murray family, and donations from many other individuals, organizations, and the support of the Municipality of Cumberland County the new Pugwash Library became a reality in the Spring of 2023. 

Here we delve into the captivating stories of The Friends of the Pugwash Library, Greta VanBuskirk Leahey Dow, and Betty C. Bird Murray. At the heart of these narratives a common thread weaves its way through—an unwavering passion for books, reading, education, and community.

Here we celebrate the inspiring journeys of the individuals whose shared passions brought about a remarkable addition to our beloved village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia.  The new library is a dream come true that will open doors to countless future opportunities, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Friends of Pugwash Library

This tale revolves around a dedicated group of individuals who shared a vision for a new and accessible library. It all began with Elaine Cooke, a book enthusiast, who recognized the limitations of the quaint old train station that served as the village’s library. Determined to create a vibrant and inclusive space for the community, she embarked on a journey that would bring together a passionate group of advocates, known as the Friends of the Pugwash Library.

The Leahey Family

In Memory of Greta VanBuskirk Leahey Dow

A Legacy of Love for Education, Books, Family and Community

Born in 1922 in Pugwash, Greta married at 18, had twin sons at 20, and raised them in Pugwash. A stellar teacher, librarian, and devoted family matriarch…generous, curious, passionate about reading and books, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, lifelong commitment to learning, love for education, libraries, and community engagement.

The Murray Family

In Memory of Betty C. Bird Murray

A Life With Books: Daughter of Cumberland County

Betty Murray, then Betty Bird, was born on March 16, 1923, in Southampton, Nova Scotia, and grew up in Amherst, attending school there. She was the daughter of the well known Canadian author Will R. Bird and Ethel (Sutton) Bird, and sister of the late Captain Stephen. S. Bird, who was a reporter for the Amherst Daily News.